Our company develops innovative solutions based on web 3.0 technology and blockchain, enabling individuals and businesses to benefit from the advantages of transparency, security, and traceability.

Our company believes that the future of technology lies in decentralization and transparency. That’s why we are committed to developing innovative solutions based on web 3.0 technology and blockchain.

Our goal is to enable individuals and businesses to enjoy the benefits of blockchain, such as security, transparency, and traceability, for their daily activities.

With our expertise and experience in the blockchain industry, we are able to provide tailored solutions to meet each client’s needs. We are convinced that blockchain is the technology that will enable the reinvention of many industries, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution.

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Meta-Fund Funder
Jonathan Edouard Slama


Jonathan is the driving force behind Meta-Fund.io, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for blockchain technology and the potential it holds for decentralization and transparency. With his strategic mindset and commercial acumen, he has assembled a diverse team of experts in various fields to develop innovative solutions using web 3.0 and blockchain technology.

Jonathan’s strong sense of ethics and human values permeate his approach to business, guiding his team to create solutions that empower individuals and businesses alike. He believes that blockchain technology has the power to transform entire industries, and he is committed to being at the forefront of this revolution.

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